The behavioral analytics platform allowing organizations to understand users, authenticate them and detect suspicious activities

Neomia Pulse innovative approach, powered by AI


How the user behavior is

(Behavioral Biometrics)


What the context is

(devices; browser)


Where & When

(Geo location: Date/TIme; History)

Neomia Pulse track user behavior such as mouse movements, typing cadence, swipe patterns or device orientation and comparing these against the statistically observed norms for “good” and “bad” behavior and provides a risk assessment.

The platform uses machine learning to analyze unique data points generated by human and devices, to automatically identify trusted users and flag suspicious activities, before transactions take place.

Behavioral Biometrics authentication

Neomia Pulse secure trusted users and help organizations detect fraud and attacks using deep behavioral authentication and risk-based validation.

Our behavioral analysis platform allows organizations to deeply understand user behaviors, authenticate them and detect suspicious activities to mitigate risks. Neomia Pulse solves the most critical challenges:

Why our customers are using Neomia Pulse ?


Trusted Authentiation. Remove the risk associated with basic security mechanism


Detect the use of stolen or fictious identities


Improve security & user experience with a frictionless approach


Take efficient actions in case of suspicious activities before transaction happen

On a daily basis

Neomia Pulse allows you to embrace a Security-by-design policy at the core of your own applications and instantly boost the level of confidence


Fast API integration with all your apps


SaaS platform w/ subscription plans


Easy users onboarding process


Frictionless & transparent authentication technology