Detection of risks & frauds

The rise of online purchase and booking platforms generated new ways of operating for users. But these modes are not without risks because it requires the creation of accounts, to pay online, …
Wealso know that it’s possible to generate accounts fraudulently on the fly, to pay online with stolen credit card numbers, to make purchases without having to create an account, etc.
These platforms can strengthen their payment procedures thanks to dual authentication systems (DSP2, 3D Secure 2), but even these systems have flaws, such as the “SIM Swap” for example

It’s crucial for online payment platforms or systems to be able to detect the true from the false.
In other words, whether they are able to tell the difference between a real user, a malicious third party, bots or emulators.

Neomia Pulse benefits


Detect the use of stolen or fictious identities


Detect Account TakeOver


Take efficient actions in case of suspicious activities before transaction happen


Continuous authentication & validation