Neomia is a subsidiary of Systancia, the leading Cybersecurity software vendor.

Systancia brought together a set of technologies into a unique access experience platform, with a single pane of glass user experience, enabling organizations to manage the end-to-end chain of trust for all the workforces of their ecosystem: from the management of people identities and entitlements (IAM) to the secure remote access to their workspace (ZTNA and VDI), whether as a business user or as a privileged IT administrator (PAM).

Systancia has proven its ability to blend the challenges of scientific research on AI with the development of cybersecurity applications. As a result of this expertise, Systancia is frequently approached by organizations of all sizes seeking support in the operational implementation of AI. By The launch of Neomia is our answer to this demand.

Jonathan Fussner, Chief Corporate Development of Systancia and Chairman of Neomia